About us

I’m Mateusz Jarus, and together with my wife, Patrycja, we work to improve communication between people. Each of us in our own way.

Patrycja is a
lawyer-mediator and helps people find common ground in difficult situations. She specializes in resolving conflicts amicably. Hence the name of her organization: prawnikpolubowny.pl

I, in turn, am the creator of
AllAbout – an application designed for staying in touch with employees. In addition to constantly improving this tool, I educate companies. I talk about conflict resolution and the importance of making every employee feel heard and taken care of – especially in companies that employ thousands of people.

Together we work for the foundation Collaborative Law Polska. 

KRS 0000880976

NIP 7792523035

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the development of communication, mediation, negotiation and other methods of dispute resolution, to support those in professions involving communication and dispute resolution, and to spread education on how to reach agreement and dialogue, as well as to protect civil and consumer rights.