We want every employee to feel part of their company

Inform and give a voice to blue-collar workers with a simple but powerful Employer Branding and Internal Communication app

Take care of your employees

„Research shows that informing employees about change and listening to them influences what employees think and feel about the organisation, and what they do to help it succeed"

 Dr Kevin Ruck
Internal communication specialist
Author of Exploring Internal Communication (2020)


of employees feel that they do not receive important information from company life


of employees want to know how their work contributes to the larger goals of the company


of employees want to know the achievements of their company


of employees want to know their company's plans

The values are taken from the book Exploring Internal Communication and the State of the Global Workplace by Gallup report.
Data varies according to the company surveyed

Digital Employee Experiance

Financial benefits of EB

Companies with a well-developed Employer Branding strategy have even:

The data comes from:

1. Employer Brand Playbook 5 Steps to Crafting a Highly Social Talent Brand. LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 2013

2. From Capability to Profi Tability Realizing the Value of People Management. The Boston Consulting Group, 2014.

3. The Ultimate List ofE mployer Brand Statistics. LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 2016

Savings on recruitment
0 %
Higher share price growth rate
0 %
Lower redundancy rate
0 %

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We create a communication tool adapted to your company and your visual identity

We help Human Resources and Employee Branding professionals to understand the real needs of employees. Together with them, we select the features they need and add them to the app.


Once the work is completed, the application is published on Google Play and Appstore under the name and with the visual identification of the company we are working with. (for example -> VW app in AppStore <-). 


Working with us does not finish with the implementation. We are in touch with companies on a regular basis and update AllAbout with new capabilities at their request.



Employees want to know more about their company and each other. They also want to be able to express their opinions on these issues.


The AllAbout creator allows you to easily produce rich and interesting posts with the ability to schedule them. If you enable this option, any employee can react and comment on them.



Employees need easy access to basic information, such as working hours and upcoming events.


All you need to do is register for an event for it to appear on the calendar. All relevant events are color-coded in the calendar.



Employees are more motivated when they see that they can be promoted. With this feature, they can learn about the specific requirements and skills needed to change positions.


Look for the position that interests you. There you will find all the information you need along with a quick apply button.



Conversation is the easiest way to get information. With a chatbot, employees don't have to waste time looking for documents or FAQs. All they need to do is simply ask.


Chatbot understands natural language queries. It responds by providing the information contained in the documents along with their source (e.g. a PDF file).

Two-way communication


Surveys are the primary way to give employees a voice. They also allow you to collect data on employee engagement and well-being.


Create anonymous or public surveys in a simple builder that allows you to use closed and open-ended questions. Collected data is prepared for later analysis.

Surveys and quizzes


Employees in a particular department are specialists in their field. Therefore, they know best how to improve their workplace. Good ideas, in turn, mean greater productivity in the section (for example Kaizen in the Toyota company)


You can choose the category of the idea and decide whether the idea should be anonymous. In the next stage, other employees will have the opportunity to vote on it. Once the proposal has been reviewed, you will receive a notification.


Employees must also have a way to get to know each other better outside of work. It is easier to network and transact business inside a trusted community of colleagues.


Create announcements just like in online bulletin boards. If an offer interests you, you can contact the advertiser via an internal chat.

Bulletin board


Employees value the opportunity to express their own opinions. Additionally, it's an easy way for HR people to explore the mood within the company.


Just comment, exactly the same as on other social media. You can also leave one of several reactions (like, laugh, surprise, etc.). If you don't want a post to be commented on or collect reactions, you can turn that off in its settings.

Comments and reactions

Extra features
for employees


Employees want to know what is expected from them. If they understand their long-term goals, it is easier for them to plan their work and implement new solutions.


The section is designed and continuously filled out by the employee's supervisor. This way both he and the employee know what goals are still to be met.


Our experience shows that employees are eager to engage in off-site entertainment. They can fulfill this through a competition module in which they can compare their performance in, for example, running.


AllAbout connects to other apps (such as Strava) and pulls employee results from them. They are then ranked. An employee who wins a competitive season may receive a prize from the company and be mentioned in a post.

Worksite Navigation


Navigation is very helpful especially for new employees at large worksites. It also allows you to get rid of physical passes - they are built into the app.


All you have to do is select the location in the company you want to reach.The app will show you the way and allow you to pass through a secured door.

Multilingual support


The module is useful for companies that are based in different countries. It allows you to keep up to date with the most important events from other establishments in your own language.


Each employee can choose the language of the app in which posts are displayed to him. These are automatically translated by artificial intelligence.

Save time with AI

Automatically generate content 

BigData Chatbot – our self-developed artificial intelligence module will suggest ready-made posts for you. It will create them based on suggestions from you or your employees. You can also ask it to change the style or content of the suggestions.

Automatically generate images 

The AI will create the graphics for the post proposal itself. You can give it tips or let it run wild with its electronic imagination!

utomatically translate

When the post is ready, the artificial intelligence will automatically translate it into other languages. Each employee will see the post in the language of their choice.

Feedback on AllAbout

"The application has been very well received by our staff. (...) We have had a great deal of positive feedback in the comments. Employees appreciated that they are receiving a pack of essential and extremely up-to-date information about the current situation and the new work organisation at this difficult time (during the pandemic)."

Marzena Leśnicka
Recruitment | Employee Branding | HR Communication

"Its biggest advantage is the constant access to information - whether we are at home, on the tram or at work we can always look at it."

Mikołaj Jóźwiak
Internal communication | Employee branding

"Despite the recent implementation of the app, we are already planning to develop it to meet the needs of employees."

Natalia Łabaziewicz
HR | Employer Branding | HR Communication


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Frequently asked questions

Once the app is installed, will important corporate information be accessible on private phones?

The app is unlikely to be a tool where secret information is stored. It is a tool that improves the flow of information that should be public knowledge. This can range from work schedules, news about staff changes to current company successes.


It is also important to remember that important information is always kept in the minds of employees. Whether it is gained through company newsletters or the intranet, every employee can share it when meeting with friends or family. It all depends on the trust of the people employed.

However, we can ensure the security of the information by securing it with rules and regulations. The user then agrees not to share specific information

Why do we need an app for internal communication if we already have an intranet?

Above all, the app is simply more convenient and therefore more likely to be used. We have designed it along the lines of popular social networks. As a result, content is short, easy to read and can be enriched with photos and videos. Employees are also able to like and comment on posts.

Access from a private phone also significantly increases the frequency of exposure to information. In addition, the intranet is usually only available internally, which limits contact with company life outside working hours.

Does the app work in the cloud?

The application can be either run in the cloud or on the company's internal servers. If we choose the cloud option, we use Amazon or European servers, for example on OVH.

How long does it take to implement a communication app?

The time taken to implement an application usually ranges from four weeks to several months. This is for purely practical reasons: ideally, we have all the data we need right away, we know exactly what functions are needed, and integration with internal systems goes smoothly. In reality, companies usually need some time to think carefully about the application profile. Leaders interview departments and discuss the needs of employees. We know from experience that this is time-consuming.

In addition, the IT department often carries out security tests before deployments begin. They need access to the demo panel and check the application for integration with internal systems. Only by passing these tests does it allow us to get started.

Of course, completing the implementation does not equal completing the work on internal communications. The application is just a tool, so you need to use it wisely. It is worth creating a dedicated team to add content and contact employees.

Where else is the app implemented?

In addition to Volkswagen implementations are currently underway at two other companies. For reasons of confidentiality, we are currently not naming these companies publicly. Please contact us privately for details.

How is the app published?

The app is published in the Google Play shop and the App Store, but only employees can log in. They receive their account details after integration with the company's internal system. There is also a section for visitors who do not have an employee account, but this has fewer features.

How much does it cost to implement a communication app?

Two types of implementation are possible: Subscription or one-off payment. For the subscription option, the price depends on the number of active users.

In the case of one-off deployment, we also provide the source code of the application

What's the next step in the development of the application once it has been implemented?

The implementation of the app in each company looks slightly different and depends on the needs of the employees. At Expansio, we have a base prepared with the basic functions of the application. We then add and remove specific functionalities on an ongoing basis as the need arises. We then estimate the time and cost of such an implementation.

Is the app willingly used, especially among older workers?

At Volkswagen, 30 % of employees log in to the app daily and 70 % log in at least once a month. These include older people.

In case of problems - the communication app has a dedicated hotline. Anyone who has a problem logging in, installing or using it can report there.

Does the app have technical support?

We give a lifetime guarantee of correct operation. We always fix errors for free, regardless of the date they were detected. We also offer paid technical support (calculated on an hourly basis) for cosmetic changes or any other assistance. In addition, we take care of updating the libraries used in the code.

Won't using the app give production workers an excuse to use the phone while working?

A case study of the implementation of the app at Volkswagen shows that no such problems occurred. Information is always available, so it is possible to get information during a break, for example. However, if the company would be concerned about problems related to this, such a dilemma should be solved by internal regulations.

Is the app only for very large companies?

No, we also work with smaller companies (up to a few hundred employees).