What type of application license should I choose?

Monthly subscription features:

Small amount of payment every month with the possibility of cancellation with one month's notice

Option to choose to pay only for users who log into the application at least once a month or for each employee hired

If you charge for each employee, the cost is lower. So if a lot of people will be using the app, this is a more favorable option for you

Included in the price are regular updates to the application and server. We will take care of their security and maintenance.

Possibility of modifying the application on request (Such changes are priced by us and paid additionally by the customer).

100h of implementation work by our programmers.*

Not sure whether to choose to charge per employee or per active user in the app? Check out the statistics described at the bottom of the page about our experience with the app!

One-time payment features (lifetime license):

Payment of the full amount only once or in installments. Last installment to be paid up to 5 months after the start of cooperation

Hand over the source code of the entire application (mobile application + server part). You can develop it independently or with another company. (You can't make the code public, sell it, deploy it to subsidiaries, or make the app available to more employees than described in the contract).

Possibility of modifying the application on request (Such changes are priced by us and paid additionally by the customer).

Possibility to purchase any number of hours of monthly programming / email / phone support for employees. (Typically, customers choose up to 20h per month of support at a cost of PLN 190).

Possibility to add more users. The contract establishes a cost for each user that the client would like to "add" in the future (e.g., through an increase in employment or implementation of the tool in a new location)

100h of implementation work by our programmers.*

*From our experience, this is a sufficient number of hours to carry out the implementation (without making major changes to the application.) Then 250 per hour.

Meetings with us

We encourage regular meetings with us (e.g. every 2 or 4 weeks) to discuss the results of the implementation so far. We offer assistance in technical terms, as well as in the communication itself with employees or in the implementation of the Employer Branding strategy. We will also share our knowledge gained from working with other clients.

How many people log in to the app?

Internal messaging alone attracts 30% to 40% of all employees in a company.

Features such as the ability to fill out vacation requests or integration with an infokiosk make it very likely that up to 90% of employees will use the app regardless of the company.

The more people (for whatever reason) using the app, the greater the chance that employees will read internal communications. This also increases the impact of Employer Branding.

Want to know more?

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