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Learn more about internal communication, employee branding and motivation
Employer Branding, Finances Posted on3 months ago

How much can you earn from employer branding?

Zero. You don’t make money on employer branding. And certainly not directly. H ..

Internal communication, Technology Posted on10 months ago

Internal communication in the era of infokiosks: Why are apps taking over?

Maybe you are just facing a decision, choosing the right tool for internal communica ..

Communication, Leadership, Motivation Posted on12 months ago

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Some psychological concepts to help you motivate your employees

Functional beliefs – the basis of well-being Some time ago I read a post about ..

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Some psychological concepts to help you motivate your employees

Functional beliefs – the basis of well-being Some time ago I read a post about a groundbreaking experiment. It was about a study by psychologist Alia Crum and her mentor Ellen Langer. In it, the authors tested whether making cleaners aware that their work is beneficial physical activity would affect their physical or mental state. The results proved surprising even

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Internal communication as a carrier of culture – Examples of implementation

I invite you to the second part of the articles on work culture and internal communication. As promised, today we will look at examples from implementations in this area in larger companies. Thanks to technology, we are currently working in a golden age of communication capabilities. We can not worry about geographic distances or time zones. We can work from

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Does good work culture guarantee success?

What will it be about? Work culture is most often discussed using the example of modern technology companies. Mention is made of such giants Google, Microsoft, Netflix, IBM… Most often these are companies with office workers. About them appear books, articles, podcasts. Why? Because having the means and time, they were the forerunners of innovation. Office-based companies, however, are not

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Strategy for good internal communication in large companies

Let’s start with the most important one. Why do we need this internal communication at all? Is it really that necessary? I have two answers for you – the short answer and the very short answer. The very short answer is: yes, really internal communication is the foundation of any company. And you can read about it in Simon’s post.

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4 steps to create effective internal communications

What is internal communication? The standard approach to internal communication in a company is as follows: The organization is presented as an independent entity, inside of which processes happen. It can be said that the organization is a kind of vessel for these processes. One such phenomenon occurring in the company is internal communication. In such a vessel, communication behaves

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The language of leaders — why words are the foundation of the road to success

The language of industrial revolution The first industrial revolution was a period of drastic technological and economic changes. It was then that the first steam, weaving and metallurgical machines appeared. This, in turn, gave rise to large-scale factory production. The effects of the events of the 18th century, however, did not only affect technological progress. They involved considerable social changes.

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Recognition, validation and feedback- Pillars of effective communication

Pillars of effective communication According to a study by Gallup institute only 26% of employees believe that messages about the tasks performed help them at work and are motivating for them. This is a very low value. Especially taking into account the fact that data on self-performance are crucial in the employee’s development. Therefore, company employees need more than just a raw feedback. The real

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How communication application creates an engaged community in the company?

The power of good communication The richest man in history — John D. Rockefeller once said: ‘The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.’. The author of these words was born almost 200 years ago. It does not

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