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Employer Branding, Finances Posted on3 months ago

How much can you earn from employer branding?

Zero. You don’t make money on employer branding. And certainly not directly. H ..

Internal communication, Technology Posted on10 months ago

Internal communication in the era of infokiosks: Why are apps taking over?

Maybe you are just facing a decision, choosing the right tool for internal communica ..

Communication, Leadership, Motivation Posted on12 months ago

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Some psychological concepts to help you motivate your employees

Functional beliefs – the basis of well-being Some time ago I read a post about ..

The language of leaders — why words are the foundation of the road to success

The language of industrial revolution The first industrial revolution was a period of drastic technological and economic changes. It was then that the first steam, weaving and metallurgical machines appeared. This, in turn, gave rise to large-scale factory production. The effects of the events of the 18th century, however, did not only affect technological progress. They involved considerable social changes.

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